Park Aubrey Cozy Comforter Set

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Size Queen
Color Black Biab 12pcs
Age Range (Description) Adult
Style Comforter set + Sheet set (12 pieces)


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It's almost exactly what I wanted

What I really wanted was a highly colorful bedspread or comforter like I currently have on my king-size bed. But I checked every online store and every brick-and-mortar store, and NOBODY had wild and crazy and bright designs. That said, I've always loved paisley - so when I found this comfortor set and found out that it came with two sets of shams and sheets and bed skirt I was sold. When it arrived, the only surprise was that it is more navy blue and CREAM colored rather than white (although there are small areas that have white) and unfortunately, I already ordered a white headboard - which I could have ordered in cream. None of the wood tones matched my other furniture. and now the white won't match perfectly for my new bed either (my late husband and I had a Cal King adjustable bed and over 6 or so years of owning it we never really found any adjustable position that we liked (each side worked independently) and we'd always end up with a flat bed. So with my new queen size mattress which is very soft without it being memory foam whichwas too difficult for me to climb into in the night and pull myself out of in the morning - it was really exhausting. I didn't need the adjustable part and instead just bought a top of the line mattress. I originally wanted full-size but it was next to impossible to find the kind of bed I wanted in a full size - I guess they aren't popular any more plus the queen size is only a small amount more expensive. Still I'm such a small person I would have preferred a full-sized bed. Anyway - coming out of the box this comforter is super soft and so are all the shams but they do have the smell of newness which is a little overpowering. So I'm washing the sheets and the sham and possible the bedskirt - it's so nicely folded I don't think there are any wrinkles. Even though I'm far past menopause I go to bed freezing and within an hour or two I'm sweating to death so I'll likely sleep only under a sheet with a small throw blanket covering me that I can throw off as needed. I'm moving to a Senior Living Center so it's hard to say if the bedroom will run cool or warm but my current bedroom runs very warm compared to the livingroom/dining room. This looks lovely and elegant - just have to remember to take my make-up off each night so it doesn't rub on the sheets or comforter. I just will really miss my bedspread with the wild design. But it's not like I'll have a lot of visitors and I'm happy enough wit the design. I think the white headboard will work now and for future bedsets if I live long enough to need one. I also purchased a back-up set of white sheets just because stuff happens and I want a backup. My husband, bless his heart, was on 3 different blood thinners and got a huge abscess on his back - they removed the abscess but it kept bleeding and bleading. We finally thought it had stopped and bandaged the area well and by morning there was a huge blood stain on the sheets. It sort of washed out but I would never sell or give those sheets to anybody after that. He also started to have some very minor accidents, some of which left a bit of a stain. I am 10 yrs younger than he was when this stuff started happening to him but who know what the future will bring as I age. One more final comment - the comfortor and all the accessories were so neatly folded in the box I was really impressed - it was obvious they were trying to cause as few wrinkles as possible - so awesome packaging. Can't wait to move and get this on my new bed!

Jan S
Love it!!

It’s perfect. I l can’t say enough about the elegance this provides to my bedroom. The only bad thing is the sides are not real long so it seems short. But I still give 5 star rating.

You get what you pay for....

It is 100$ set I got what I paid for !!!

Scott Derbish

I like it but it snags very easy and it wrinkles easily too. Of course I can't get it to look like the picture, but it works for now.

Sizing misleading, beautiful set

Okay, I read reviews before ordering. I also ordered CalKing for my King bed, figuring I wouldn’t use the sheets. Even still, I have a deep pocket bed, the sheets wouldn’t even fit. They fit SMALL, like as if the fitted sheet was for a Queen. I thought I’d be folding them under for my King, no way, wouldn’t even make the corners. My first clue though was, when I put the comforter on my bed and was steaming wrinkles out. It wasn’t overly sized, the reason I ordered the CalKing for the King. Comforter is beautiful. I’m hopeful I won’t be fighting for that top cover all night long, it is longer than most the King sizes that won’t fit a deep pocket mattress properly.

Lov this

I love this scent it goes with my décor perfectly. What I will say is that the comforter does tend to snag, The sheets are comfortable as well.

Nice design

I liked the comforter set itself although I wish it was a bit fluffier. I did put it in the dryer as recommended. I'm keeping it. I like the 3 pillows as it does add more to the comforter. I'm not able to use the one set of panel/valence curtains since I have a double window. Thought I could get away with it but the curtains are a bit flimsy. I'll save them and use them for something else. Maybe drape over the rod. Valence is way too small.

Good for the price

This is a pretty set and a good price. I am not ready to use it yet but i put it on my bed to check it out and also to make sure it was in good condition and it's pieces were all there. I am glad there is not a lot of filling because when they only tack the comforter's "batting" in certain places, it can shift around and can pile up in corners etc. For warmth i will add a blanket but it is fine, as is, for summer. The top fabric is very fragile and could snag easily, it will take a conscience avoidance to protect it. The fabric on the underside is silky, i like it. I would not recommend this set for active families that have kids and pets because of the protection to the fabric that it will take. It would make me nervous everytime they climbed on. But for my husband and myself it is beautiful, all pieces were included and were all well made. Shipping was fast and i am happy with my purchase.